How To Create And Live Your Perfect Day

Barry Dunlop
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How would you define your Perfect Day?

What would you do, who would you do it with and how would you feel?

Ask most people these questions and you will get replies like…

… a feeling of accomplishment, a big business deal closed, a promotion at work, time with good friends, family time and that mystical feeling of being in “the zone”.

But how do you balance closing a business deal with spending quality time with loved ones or getting a work promotion with family time?

When I think of Perfect Day, I am reminded of this quote by Paulo Coelho

Create And Live Your Perfect DayCreate And Live Your Perfect Day

Solid foundations are essential…

=>> For a Perfect Day: Create a Not-To-Do List!

Quite simply – a list of things you do not do under any circumstances!

I am not here to make any moral judgement on what a Not To Do list may include – but for example it could include at one end deciding to never do your own laundry while at the other end it could be to never discuss politics or to never use profanities. We are all different and what may be on my not-to-do list may well not be on yours and vice versa.

=>> Create your own set of Life Rules

Now most of us have admirable beliefs and values and hold ourselves up to high standards – but not so many of us write them down. I was inspired to more carefully define my own set of Life Rules by fellow IncomeDiary contributor – Craig Ballantyne

As an example I repeat below one of Craig’s life rules (which is also something for the Not-To-Do list) below…

I do not engage in confrontations with anyone, in-person or online. This is a waste of time and energy. If I have caused harm, I apologize and fix the situation. And then I take a deep breath, relax, breathe out, and re-focus my efforts back on my work and goals

Why are these so important?

Quite simple really – with a Not To Do list and your own personal set of Life Rules you are less likely to come across conflict situations and anything that gets in the way of having a perfect day.

Also, life is a lot simpler once you start adhering to your own personal philosophies – and stop worrying about what others think. You spend less time ‘thinking’ and agonizing over a response because you and your closest friends know your position on the important things in life!

=>>Develop A Positive Morning Ritual!

Each persons ritual may be slightly different but the important thing is to develop a ritual that empowers you and sets you up for the day.


a) Give yourself at least 15 minutes of no screen time.
(Do not check email or Social Media)
b) Swap the coffee for a glass of water, or a herbal tea.
c) Stretch. (Good time for morning Yoga or Tai Chi)
d) Open up your daily motivational readings.
(read some of your favorite, inspiring quotes)
e) Review your goals and life purpose
f) Meditate / Pray / Give Thanks.

I honor the fact that some of us are religious, some of us are semi-religious and some of us are not religious at all. The point here, is to incorporate something that allows you to focus and start your day with energy!

=>>Make Exercise Part Of Morning Ritual!

Now, I am not one of those people who could be described as an Athlete – but one thing I have always enjoyed is a brisk morning walk. The thing about exercise (walking, running, cardio or strength training) is that it gives us a wonderful feeling of well-being. In my case, I found walking – often on my own, by the Beach in West Sussex, was the time when I had some of my best ideas. Actually, I would go further and say that I rarely if ever had my best ideas in the office!

So stop wasting your life in bed, start getting up early to exercise and experience the many benefits of morning exercise.

make you day a Perfect day make you day a Perfect day

7 Key Steps To A Perfect Day

1) Reflect and Journal – the night before.

Before you go to bed create a routine that allows you to think about your day.

What did you learn today? (from your mistakes)

Mistakes are meant for learning – not repeating.

What will you not do in future?

What are you grateful for? How did you progress towards your goals?

I recommend you answer these questions via a written word brain dump (Journal). Write down how you feel about your day, what you learned etc and then take it one step further by pulling out the key points and structuring your upcoming day accordingly.

2) For a Perfect Day – Plan your day ahead – the night before.

Most us have heard of a TTD List (Things To Do List) – and for many years I have diligently sat down each evening and set out my TTD list for the following day. It is a good policy – but if you want to step it up a gear, PRIORITIZE! Far better to have three important life changing priorities that you must accomplish rather than a long list of relatively average things that frankly will not make a lot of difference on way or the other.

Many TTD lists are far too general and lack prioritization, covering everything from picking up the laundry to launching a new business.

By all means have a list for the household chores but the TTD list I am referring to here is the one that reflects your life goals and ambitions.

When you do tomorrows TTD list tonight – ask yourself this critical question…

What is my No 1 Priority Right Now? and No 2 and No 3. I would suggest that those priorities would rarely be collecting the laundry!

3) Wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual and focus on solving your #1 problem in life.

This is super powerful.

Apply this immediately and you will start to experience a more productive and perfect day, everyday!

Honestly it is that ‘simple’ – try it